Ceramics students collaborating
Bucket of ceramics tools
Bucket of ceramics tools


Program Overview

The undergraduate ceramics curriculum provides a firm base from which students develop a personal and singular approach to art-making, emphasizing early technical development and building toward self-determined investigations relating to the material. Students build skills in all major forming methods–including wheel-throwing, hand-building and slip-casting–and are exposed to various firing techniques and clay and glaze formulation.


Experimentation and Research

Ceramics students are encouraged to consider clay in combination with performance, video, sound, interactivity, installation, digital fabrication, and more. Experimentation and research are stressed as students are taught to exploit materials and processes for their conceptual ramifications, and to identify critical dialogues in which to contextualize their work. This developmental process is begun and reinforced through interaction with peers, faculty, artists in the regional community, visiting artists, and other scheduled art events. 

Artisans at the depot

Artisans at the Depot
A collaborative event of design, ceramic, and culinary art. Read more >

Students and Community

The Ceramics area at the University of Arkansas takes pride in fostering a strong community of artists, both working within the studio and also as contributors and participants in the burgeoning arts community of our region. We believe students get the best educational experience when they are working actively alongside their peers, whether it is on their own projects, participating in a clay club event, attending a visiting artist lecture, or simply firing a kiln together. To this end, we work hard to make our community one in which inclusiveness and personal diligence coalesce in an experience tailored to bring the best out of each student.

Facilities and Equipment

Through the recent generosity of the Windgate Foundation, the ceramics studio went through a $400,000 equipment upgrade in 2015-16. This has brought a host of new kilns, clay mixers, and a technological suite that incorporates a 3D printer, CNC router and a full-color decal printer.

Our studio and classroom space is equipped for all standard ceramics processes. Adjacent to the main studio are dedicated spaces for clay and glaze mixing, plaster handling, material storage, photo documentation, a computer workstation, BFA studios, and two small coves for installing work. The main studio itself converts into an 1300 square foot gallery space.

Our facility also has twelve individual studios ranging in size from 190-240 square feet that house our graduate students, post-bacs, and resident artist. Six of these studios are located on the main level, while another six are located on a mezzanine above the main studio space. Mezzanine-level spaces are fitted with movable track lighting and ventilation ducts. Two additional spaces house our BFA students.

Kiln Pad
  • Bailey Studio Pro 12 and 18
  • Bailey Thermal Logic 20, with two cars
  • Geil DLB 24 downdraft
  • Small wood kiln
  • Nine computer-controlled electrics
  • Blaauww 12 and 54 cu.ft. gas kilns
Technology Lab
  • Enduring Images color decal printer
  • Axiom CNC router
  • Makergear M2 3D Printer
General Studio
  • Two extruders
  • Bailey slab roller
  • 20 electric wheels
  • 1 Lockerbie kick-wheel
  • Various rollers and hand tools
Plaster Area
  • Plaster mixing bench
  • Assorted coddles and clamps
  • Mold drying cabinet
  • Mixing Drill
  • Dedicated vent hood
Clay Mixing Area
  • Two Soldner mixers
  • Lehman slip mixer
  • Lehman casting table
  • Dedicated vent hoods for mixers
  • Contractor-style table saw
  • Sliding miter saw Band saw
  • Drill press
  • Combination belt/disc sander
  • Stihl Chainsaw
  • Various power tools
Glaze Room
  • Walk-in spray booth
  • Scales and balances
  • Tilting dry material bins
  • Ball Mill
  • Sandblasting cabinet
  • Vent hood
  • Various mixers and tools




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Degrees Offered

Ceramics Faculty

Quick Info

Ceramics Faculty

Renata Cassiano Alvarez, Visiting Artist, Ceramics Technician, and Instructor

Jeannie Hullen, Associate Dean

Qwist Joseph, Instructor, Technician, and Ceramics Artist in Residence

Linda Lopez, Assistant Professor of Art, Ceramics and Foundations

Matthew McConnell, Associate Professor of Art, Ceramics and Head of Ceramics

Adam Posnak, Instructor of Art, Ceramics and Foundations

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