The Painting program at the University of Arkansas School of Art embraces both freedom and discipline. Students explore a broad spectrum of media, methods and conceptual approaches, in order to develop their own unique strengths and find their personal creative direction.



This program begins with a strong foundation in the tradition of painting, building proficiency in the formal skills of painting including spatial representation, form, mark, pictorial design, and understanding of color.

The School of Art offers a lively visiting artist schedule, with public lectures and individual critiques offered regularly from artists of national and international renown.

The visiting artist roaster has recently included:

  • John Yau
  • Carrie Moyer
  • Katherine Bradford
  • Chie Fueki
  • Gideon Bok
  • Susan Lichtman
  • Whiting Tennis
  • Radcliffe Bailey
  • Claire Sherman
  • Michael Ray
  • Mel Chin
  • Mark Dion
  • Michael Ray Charles
  • Leonardo Drew
  • Lesley Dill

Bachelor of Art

 The Bachelor of Arts, BA, with a concentration in Studio Art is a liberal arts oriented degree consisting of 120 hours, with a major emphasis in painting, and a minor emphasis in a second studio area. 

The course study is designed to offer students a broad cultural education and is ideal for students looking to do a double major or minor in another area.

The degree requires twelve credit of painting coursework as well as three-credit-hour professional development capstone course.

A faculty-supervised summary critique is required of each student graduating with an emphasis in painting before completion of the degree.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts, BFA, with a concentration in Studio Art is a professional degree consisting of 120 hours with an emphasis in Studio Art and a concentration in painting.

The BFA Studio Art program is designed to offer studnets a more specialized program of study. Students will experience a greater emphasis on art courses in the BA program, graduating with a more intensive studio background.

The degree requires 18 credit hours of selected media area coursework as well as a three-credit-hour professional development capstone course.

All incoming undergraduate students complete Freshman Foundations courses their freshman year. After completing foundations, students are eligible to apply for the BFA. 

Intermediate level topic-based courses provide sustained study of varied approaches to painting, including:

  • Figure and landscape painting
  • Formal and perceptual abstraction
  • Contemporary approaches to representation
  • Water media

Upper-level classes reinforce the idea of painting as a practice of inquiry. Research, questioning, and systematic experimentation form the basis for the development of an individual voice in painting. 

In addition to individualized studio instruction, the advanced student interacts with their peers, other faculty and visiting artists as well as engaging with the community. Professional skills are developed that prepare the student to join the community of professional artists.

 BFA students are required to participate in individual and group critiques by presenting their work to faculty, visiting artists, and other students. In addition, BFA students may be required to go on painting-focused trips to urban art centers such as Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, and New York.

Students explore a broad spectrum of media, methods and conceptual approaches, in order to develop their own unique strengths and find their personal creative direction

To see a full gallery of student work check out the uark painting blog.

Alison Hill

Ashley Lindsey Abstract Painting

Advanced Painting

Contemporary Representational Painting

Figure Painting


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Degrees Offered
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Master of Fine Arts

Student Organizations
Drawing and Painting Association

Painting Faculty

Carris S. Adams, Visiting Assistant Professor of Art, Drawing and Painting

Maryamsadat Amirvaghefi, Assistant Director of Exhibitions and Instructor of Art, Foundations

David Andree, Assistant Professor of Art, Painting, Drawing, and Foundations, Head of Drawing 

Kara Andree, Teaching Assistant Professor, Painting and Drawing

Neil Callander, Associate Professor of Art, Painting and Drawing

Sam King, Assistant Professor of Art

Marc Ethan Mitchell, Associate Professor of Art, Painting and Drawing, Curator and Director of Exhibitions

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